The worst part about Sailor Moon Crystal is its turning Usagi into a godmodding Mary Sue who magically changes other girls. The others have no agency or views of their own, they just function as drones to her and are interchangeable, not flawed, and only exist to make Usagi look better than she really is. Give me the original anime any day.

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Don’t you mean the Original 90s did that making Usagi Miss Purity Sue of the Purest of Pure who is never wrong? That everyone was ALL ALONE before she arrived in their lives and had No opinion of themselves?
And then it contradicts itself by showing past moments of when the girls DID have friends in the filler but still trouted that Usagi is the Ultimate Friend Of all Friends and you should drop all your friends for her and only talk to them Once in a filler?
Or how Usagi, being such a sue of all things Pure and Good, can easily stop talking to her friend who was close to her and all and is even in the same class and stop talking to her -other- friends to be around the senshi because they’re SOOO much better than her original non-magical girl friends.
Where as, so far in SMC, she’s still friends with her old classmates.  The girls actually have lives outside of being Senshi and, la gasp, DO have friends besides Usagi more or less.
Or how each are in a different class/school than her therefore have their own ways of doing things.  Have more personality than being reduced to one trait that never comes up ever again.  (Is it me or did the 90s anime drop a lot of stuff in continuity in the fillers?)
Oh but yes, only sMC has Usagi being a sue.  -side eye- Completely.

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Okay, I did the damn thing. Hope you aren’t tired of these, yet!
(I think this meme is actually super cool; it really highlights the importance of make-up, angles, and lighting. Some of the before/afters are insane!)

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I really like the CCS anime, especially the animation. The animation looks really, really good, especially considering it’s more than 10 years old - even though some scenes are recycled in later episodes, it doesn’t detract from the quality. And the color palette used is also really nice and soft. I don’t know why people want a CCS reboot, the anime looks beautiful enough as it is.

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